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faces the judge for his crime. good evening everyone. thanks for joining us. holmes will appear for a formal arraignment in the morning. there's a key question. will prosecutors get to keep a pact -- packet he sent to psychiatrist. >> reporter: james holmes will be formally charged in court monday. they're still trying to come -- a court document released friday, they sent the package holmes sent to her and now his attorneys are fighting to get it back. a former denver prosecutor agrees with his position. >> any communications between the defendant and the psychiatrist are absolutely protected. we don't know at this point when the last time was he had any communications with her, we don't know the nature of those communications. >> reporter: 12 people were killed and dozens injured including pierce who is sitting right next to the emergency exit. >> when i saw him, it seemed like everything stopped and was in slow motion. i couldn't hear the movie anymore. i couldn't hear anything. i could feel like i could hear his footsteps. >> reporter: he was just released from the hospital
of policies. tonight the mayor sent us a statement saying, since taking office, the mayor has made a reduction in crime. he has provided funding to prevent police officer layoffs and as a result baltimore has continued to experience historic lows in crime and violence. america shaped the suggestions in the office will thoroughly review the recommendations. >> the police department says it's open to discussions with the union but it's already making progress in reducing violent crime. >> tomorrow morning for board of estimates will consider giving the fire chief arrays even after he close to fire companies to save money. they are extending the chief's contract until 2018. he would get $3200 per year raise. the fire union calls the proposal is a slap in the face. >> we know what caused a deadly crash in june. a truck driver going soft in the northbound lane. wjz is live. >> the tragedy of the two accidents on interstate 97 underscores the danger of drinking and driving. >> there were two accidents involving interstate 97. they have been june 19th. >> we have a car going the wrong way and the o
'll show you no watch in effect for us. but there's an air quality alert for tomorrow and a heat watch farther south because the heat is going to continue. we topped out at 103 degrees. that's a new record for the day. and right now we're at 94 outside. and take a look at this. pretty incredible. when you factor in the high dew points, it feels like 99 degrees in baltimore, 102 at 11:00 at night. this is some intense heat. still baking a lot of the country. tomorrow gets a little bit closer. not only is it going to be hot but we have the threat for severe thunderstorms. there's a slight risk of severe weather for the entire state. the boundary is stalling out over the region. off to the north, a lot of reports of wind damage and that's the biggest threat tomorrow as it comes our way. the front slowly tries to come through. on the cooler side of things we finally get to break the heat. on the waters tomorrow, light winds. and tomorrow is going to be a hot one. 98degrees for the high and after that near the 80s all of monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. now with that front just off
of mass event in a consumer situation is something that many of us have been worried about for years. >> reporter: greeneburger said this could change movie theaters the way 9/11 changed airports. he said it will force theaters and other places to revamp security. >> i think it's the beginning of a new era of security protection that the american people will have to get used to. >> reporter: some already costumes and masks in the dark knight theater. but that may change. and baltimore city police say they plan to have extra officers on patrol at least through this weekend. adam, back to you. >> monique griego live with us. stay with wjz for complete coverage of this tragedy in aurora. for the very latest on the suspect and also, we're learning more information about the victims and the investigation. additional details at >>> so far, some rainstorms have been washing on our week. how long is the rain going to last? let's check in with meteorologist bernadette woods. she's got a look at live doppler radar. it's quieting down in the city a little bit tonight. >> it definitely
of the eastern shore have gotten in on some of that. there's still another complex just south of us. adam? >> bernadette's on top of that. that storm hit fast and hard. in many communities, it had a devastating impact. mike helgren reports from west baltimore where people are still coping with the aftermath. glrt furious rain and wind howled in the darkness. huge gusts toppled trees like matchsticks and tore some houses apart, sending people running for cover. >> i never saw this type of wind before. it's pretty wicked. >> reporter: and in the daylight, the damage was clear. ray barns' chevy was a loss, putting him at a loss for words. >> there's no words tings plain that. none at all. i definitely wasn't expecting this, not even in the short run. >> reporter: you're in shock? >> i'm still in shock. i look at what could have happened. i could have been in the car at the time. >> reporter: his neighbor now has no power, and a son who has nightmares. >> he was terrified. he was looking out the window, and it looked like the lightning was right next door. >> reporter: for many, this surprise
down attempts to dismiss charges against county executive john leopold. leopold is accused of using his security detail to drive him to sexual encounters in public parks and to spy on public attorneys. >> i'm very confident when all the relative facts are known that we will prevail. >> reporter: leopold lawyers argue that charges of misconduct are too vague, but judge sweeney says the court cannot conclude at this stage that it must be dismissed for being unconstitutionally vague.. legal analyst wamken says they've shared 90 boxes of evidence with the defense. >> seems to be significantly more than what the state usually provides. >> reporter: the aclu threatening to sue anne arundel county for failing to release information on docies leoplod kept. they maybe evidence in the leopold trial. both the county executive and his defense attorney refused to comment on the judge's latest ruling. reporting live, megan mccorkell. >> leopold's trial is set to begin september 4th. >>> the heat wave is over but its effects are proving deadly. tonight the deaths of 18 m. marylanders are being blamed
provided the most difficult circuit for us to race around. half the track is really bumpy and half the track is really smooth. >> reporter: they're counting on smooth sailing after a bumpy smart. the westbound lanes of conway street will be shut down overnight through friday from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. >> thank you. organizers have not yet announced the schedule for street closures for race week. >>> a chain reaction crash, you can see the wreckage over clearview avenue and harper road. six vehicles were involved and one even landed in the yard of a home. no one was seriously injured. >>> a gas line burst spewing natural gas into the air forcing day cares and homeowners to evacuate. we talked to bge about what went wrong. we have more on the chaosment. >> reporter: more than 1000 people were evacuated from homes and businesses in locust point, including the under armor headquarters after a crew hit a gas line. it took three hours to repair the leak. children from a day care center were among the evac evacuees. >> we have to make sure only pure gas is going back into the system. tha
to restore power here. in the emotions are running high. we know that. that will not deter us. there is no fourth of july for pge. >> the damage across the region is worse than most hurricanes. >> here people have been lining up to get their hands on some dry ice. this store has sold out of two shipments already and people try to save the contents in their fridge. >> i was at the plant on 6:00 saturday morning and sunday morning. i know the plant manager well. he wasn't even returning my calls. >> generators, batteries, and flashlights also hot sellers as neighbors prepare for another night in the dark. >> five days without power. >> and their patience wears thin. >> pge says it's received more than a million phone calls about power outages. 80 percent of the customers are back online. megan mccorkle, wjz eyewitness news. >> crews from as far away as quibec and oklahoma are helping the crews here. >> people in nearly every county in the region are cleaning up. this is the scene in elkridge where a large tree caused extensive damage to this home. it's a painstaking cleanup proc
after being shot four times, including once in the face. >> doctors did tell us initially that she's really not even supposed to be alive because of where the injury is. she's not only alive, but she's walking around, and talking to people. >> reporter: the bullet went right through her nose, and through her brain, but because of a birth defect, she doesn't have major damage. it followed the path of that defect, a tiny channel of fluid, running through her brain. she can speak, and move, and is likely to continue her music career. >> it's quite crazy. she is a hardcore composer, that's what she likes to do. >> reporter: the community is pulling for her. >> i know a lot of people here who are grad students. everyone from here, i feel for those people. i can't imagine what they're going through. >> reporter: anderson's sister made a video, asking donations for her care. >> thank for standing with us, and letting this joker know he may have intended it as his story, but we're taking it back. >> reporter: her mother is by petra's side right now, praying for a full recovery. so far, peo
. >>> complete forewarning weather coverage continues now with monique griego. >> bge told us the restoration process is taking so long because of damage like this throughout the area. and while crews are working nonstop, residents tell us it is really hard not to get frustrated. >> reporter: for the past week, bge and utility crews from across the country have been removing trees and repairing electrical lines. but despite an around the clock effort, dozens of customers are facing another weekend without service. >> it's just heat. no way to cool off. >> i can't store any food in there, i had to give the food away because there's no power. >> reporter: broax will likely pay more cash for the hotel room rather than sit and bake in his home. >> it's wiping out my account. >> reporter: and while the utility has restored power to 97% of its customers nearly 11,000 are still waiting for repairs. >> we'll restoring people throughout the weekend. >> reporter: today we showed up to several neighborhoods just as crewed got the power going. >> when i saw the light i was like okay, thank god. i'm so gl
show us the drastic changes we've seen in the weather center. >>> it has been a crazy day. the radar is quiet right now, but earlier today it was active. let's go back to 2 or 3:00 when a long of storms came in from pennsylvania. it's now in the d.c. and iowa nap list area -- annapolis area. it's all off to the east now. maybe a few more showers overnight. look at the temperatures today. we got to a record 104 at the airport with a heat index of 107. the record previously in 1887, 102. the average high is only 87 degrees. right now, we have cooled down considerably. for a little while, we were back in the mid-70s. right now we're at 78. the hot spot is d.c., even though they had rain, they've warmed back towpt mid-80s. will this cool last? i'll tell you coming up. >>> the weather cannot stop work on a broken water main near one of the most critical intersections in the city. mile mike helgren says that the repairs could now take three weeks. >> reporter: as crews work in the triple-digit heat, the new pipe has arrived, ready to go seven feet under the street, replacing the main that
the next generation and then countless more. how do you kill them? frontline plus. it uses two ingredients. one to kill adult fleas and ticks. plus another to eliminate flea eggs and larvae, annihilating the next generation of fleas. and, frontline plus works non-stop for thirty days. no wonder it's the number one choice of vets for their pets and yours. ask your vet about frontline plus. accept nothing less. >> shooting plot stopped. >> what we believe is the significant threat is averted. >> an anne arundel man's attempt to shoot his workplace. >> a chilling lead to the colorado workplace. >> i'm denise koch. >> i'm vic carter. here's what's happening tonight. >> man calling himself a joker. he planned to shoot up his workplace. bringing you extensive coverage is meghan mccorkell that's closely following the police investigation and jessica kartalija with the neighbors. we go live with meghan in crofton tonight. meghan? >> reporter: police gathered here outside of this crofton apartment complex. what the s.w.a.t. team found inside was a surprise, even to them. behind these do
everyone. thanks for joining us. we have brand new information. officers say the estranged boy friend of a nail salon employee stormed inside and critically wounded her and another man. wjz live on the developing story tonight. derek has the new lead. >> reporter: tonight there's reports they have found the suspect's abandoned car but the search continuings for the man who opened fire inside a nail salon sending two people here. this is 35 year old now on the run. howard county police say saturday night he came armed with a gun to the salon where his exgirl friend and mother of two children worked as a nail technician. employees at the nearby creamery heard and seen some of the chaos. he encountered a male friend who was waiting the pick her up in the parking lot. shots were fire and the struggle moved inside the salon. >> his whole shirt was covered in blood and he had a gun in hand. >> after shooting the nail technician in the shoulder and shooting her male friend he took off. >> as i was taking care of her i saw a victim like on the counter. >> both victims expected to survive. pol
part of dew point. crews are working to get the pipe fixed and the road back up. megan tells us how long it can take. >> reporter: a light street is still shut down here between baltimore and lombard. city officials say it will stay that way at least three weeks. this home video shows the water gushing down light street. left behind, a giant crater and mangled mess. >> it's going to be crazy until they can do something about this. light street is tore up. >> reporter: the city will tear up two blocks of light street to replace the broken main which dates back to 1889. they'll also replace another older pipe which has been there since 1914. >> we're going to remove those lines and replace them with new lines so that once we go in, we can close this road and not have to come back again. >> reporter: the bulk of the repair work will happen between redwood and lumbar on light. the road will completely shut down creating headaches for those who live and work downtown. >> it's terrible, because we can't get nowhere. you've got to go all the way around. >> you've got art escape this weeken
say cells. >> reporter: mitt romney arrived in gee us are legal late saturday night. hoping to court support for really and jewish voters. mark shal is one of 1,000 americans in israel and plans to vote for romney. romney hopes that support from voters in israel will help win voters in swing states like florida. >> the republican party has understood the power that we as republicans in israel can bring to the campaign even back home. >> reporter: mitt romney is also in jerusalem to polish his foreign policy credentials. he will meet with top israeli and palestinian leaders and make a major policy speech. >> reporter: but some democrats say the meetings are more show than substance. >> so far, all industry heard is posturing. i haven't heard anythingny specifics. >> reporter: romney will deliver sunday's speech with jerusalem's old city as a backdrop. in jerusalem, danielle knotting hamm, wjz eyewitness news. >> president obama won 78% of the jewish vote in 2008. stay tuned to wjz for the latest issues that are important to you. >>> a massive sink hole continues wreaking havoc in nort
. >> it's a bigger problem than they used to be. a lot of kids at my school get hurt. >> reporter: they have a celebrity to show it's okay. they hope the story encourages adults to do their part to keep another child from dying. >> take it seriously. don't expect them to ignore it and that it will go away. >> reporter: and there's still an ongoing criminal investigation into grace's death. reporting live from federal hill, monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> ray rice plans to hold more events like this in the future. >>> hand, foot and mouth disease have cropped up. doctors express urgent care center has seen three cases of the disease. it usually affects kids under 5 that causes painful sores and fever, skin rash. there's no vaccine or nerve treatment. >>> the new law, it's illegal to text while driving. alex demetrick reports on whether police are really starting to enforce it. >> reporter: it's day one for the new patrol. half a dozen unmarked units, trying to find someone texting on their cell phone. it's something a lot of us do and probably all of us have seen. >> it's k
evacuated. passengers have been evacuated while the package is inspected. the u.s. air marshal noticed something that looked like a package with wiring. we'll let you know more as information becomes available. >>> a probe into penn state found that several officials acted to protect the school's reputation and ignored threats against children. >> reporter: former fbi director louie freeh puts the blame on joe paterno and 3 other top penn state officials for covering up jerry sandusky's child abuse. >> our most saddening finding is the disregard for the safety and welfare of sandusky's child victims. >> reporter: three officials all knew in 1998 that sandusky was urn investigation for sexual misconduct but did nothing to stop him. the former judge said the coach had another opportunity to do something in 2001, when former coach mike mcqueary reported seeing sandusky abuse a boy in a shower. paterno and university officials allowed sandusky to retire in 199, allowing him to lure more victims. >> reporter: the forchler coach acknowledged he should have done more, but insists he never wou
a 3 -month-old baby. >> she got shot. when she got shot, it was god watching over us. >> reporter: the suspect's family is cooperating with police and said their hearts go out to the victims. the shock, grief and sympathy are not just being felt in aurora. in fact, the queen of england sent a message to the president and the people of the united states that she expresses her heartfelt sympathy. as for james holmes, he is set for his first court date on monday. >> movie theaters here in maryland are boosting security in the wake of the rampage. monique griego continues our coverage. >> reporter: moviegoers might see more patrols one thing they will not see is a lot of costumes. as aurora trys to come to grips police officers are upping their presence at theaters. >> i did it. it made sense to me, you never know there's a lot of weird people in the world. >> reporter: both baltimore city and county police say people heading to the movies should expect to see more officers on patrol. >> just simply a precaution and extra resources to make sure people have a safe and enjoyable time. >
complete coverage of the aftermath. thanks for joining us. dozens of schools will be closed tomorrow. we're running a list of them. friday night's storms swirled in fast killing two unsuspected marylanders. a woman was killed when this huge oak tree slammed right into her bedroom. a man also died as a tree crashed on top of his car. massive trees are down all across the mid-atlantic. this is a huge oak that tumbled on a car. huge oak that tumbled >>> golf fans were allowed back at the country club today but yesterday the spectators were banned. wjz is live with extensive coverage and our meteorologist is tracking another storm moving in now. let's check with eric and he's live with the latest on widespread power outages. >> are they making headway tonight? >> reporter: they are. we're in a neighborhood now still in the dark. you can see this big tree back here and power lines down because of it. this storm packed the punch of a hurricane without any of the warnings that come with a hurricane. with no electricity many across maryland are running out of patience. repair crews have worked l
has new reaction for us. >> reporter: while julius henson is done with his jail time, his lawyer says their fight is far from over. >> reporter: after serving 30 days of a 60 day sentence, julius henson was released from jail for good behavior. he had been serving time for his role in the 2010 election day robocall scandal. >> translator: jail authorities were more compassionate than the court and prosecutors. -- >> the jail authorities were more compassionate than the court and prosecutors. >> reporter: he's now back to take care of his mother. >> that was just you pure mean. >> reporter: the consultant was found guilty of the scandal. he was sentenced to 60 days behind bars, while his co- conspirator got no jail time. hon henson and his supporters claimed race played a role in the disparity. >> no one raided his house. why was that? if that's not some kind of race on somebody's case, what would you direct it as? >> reporter: this exclusive wjz interview outraged the judge who said henson had no remorse. >> i think they're full of crap. that's not a good word, but they're full of cra
's show. >>> 5 days after a wicked wind storm whipped maryland, thousands remain in the dark. use work to restore power, but patience is wearing thin. tonight, there are also stories of survival from the storm. a family barely escaped through a bedroom window when a tree crashed through their house. wjz is live with first morning weather coverage. bob touring is monitoring a heat wave, adding insult to injury. and megan has more on frustrations over repair efforts. >> reporter: bge has restored 90% of its customers' power, but those still in the dark might have to wait through the weekend. >> reporter: this massive tree cashed onto cars. >> it sounded like a train. >> i can't imagine that much of the earth coming up with the trees. >> we're tied -- we're tired of this. >> reporter: and the hum of generators is heard throughout arbor drive. >> they keep saying unfortunately, we're all working on it. >> reporter: power lines are underground here, but still the lights are out. neighbors are trying to help neighbors by run extension cords in between houses. in the dark with no ac is not th
the phone, online or at your local geico office? tell us bobby, what would you do with all those savings? hire a better ventriloquist. your lips are moving. (huge laughter erupts) hire a better ventriloquist. your lips are moving. >>> under pressure. amarillo county's top cop suddenly steps down. >> what this could mean for his misconduct case. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm kevin carter. >> chief james steer has been linked to sere allegations against the county executive. mike helgren explains why this came just weeks before trial. >> reporter: james tear made the sudden announcement that he's retiring amidst a cloud of scandal. he angered some hen he refused to testify about ha he knew about allegations that his boss misused security detail, including being lookouts while he had sex in a parking lot and using the criminal database to dig up dirt on his political enemies. >> there's an air of corruption, and we need to get past all that. we need to provide for the citizens of our county. >> reporter: the county executive named pamela davis to replace him. she's the fi
message to america. >> . thanks for joining us, i'm adam may the grief-stricken community of aurora, colorado, trying to heal after friday's mass shooting. they got a visit from president obama. it comes as the accused shooter now reprepares for his first court appearance tomorrow. & & you are the strength of my life & & -- >> reporter: the community of aurora, colorado came together for a visit remembering the shooting of the massacre on friday -- >> our city will be stronger and greater because of our adversity. >> >> reporter: president obama met privately with grieving families and spoke to the media afterwards. >> it was an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful their brother or son ordo tom daschle was. >> >> reporter: sunday's service focused on the massacre, including prayers for the suspected shooter. james holmes. >> james holmes has a mother and a father and they are carrying a very big burden, so we forgive him. >> reporter: just across the street from the crime scene, mourners wrote messages on 12 crosses, one for each of the victims killed. police have fini
in february. police say they met using a mobile phone application called grinder. >> they agreed to meet for the purposes of sexual activity. he has been charged for that interaction. >> reporter: pottel described himself as 30 year old. investigators say he met with the 13-year-old tboi and drove to an area with the two had sex. according to court documents, pottels charged with having sex with a minor, knowingly soliciting a ply for, and knowingly trance mitting hiv to another person. >> the parents were unaware of the sexual contact e between their son and this man. >> i think you need expert medical testimony. >> reporter: attorney byron warden believes the hiv charge could be difficult for prosecutors to prove. the charge of knowingly transmitting hiv carries a $2500 fine. >> the burden will be on the state to prove that he traps ferred hiv and that he did so knowingly. >> reporter: byron also says federal hippa laws could be an issue in this case. a trial date of october 11 has been set. back to you. >> thank you, kai. wjd contacted pottels's lawyer tonight, who says there's no evi
intersections tonight because of the flooding. stay with us for weather coverage. for instant updates, log on to >>> a high-speed chase ends in a dramatic crash. the driver fleeing police in the midst of rush-hour traffic. we were the only reporters on scene when police captured that driver. >> reporter: police tried to pull that suv over because the driver wasn't wearing his seat belt. the driver started to slow down and then just took off. sky high chopper 13 over the scene as a driver fleeing police goes head on into another car on telegraph road and it didn't stop there. that suspect jumps out of the car and takes off on foot. heavily armed officers and k-9s rushed through the woods, backyards, and parks. wjz the only camera on scene as police find the suspect hiding inside a vacant home. >> pretty crazy, but justice prevailed. >> reporter: he was behind the wheel of his prius when the suspect's dodge swerved right into him. >> he swerved to try to avoid me. i serve swerved to avoid me. >> reporter: the pursuit started in downtown baltimore where police say the driver sideswip
death of another child has led to a new law. had a lifeguard at a public pool used a defiblator when he drowned, he might have survived. ever since, his parents have been fighting to make sure all pools have defiblators. tomorrow, county executive will sign connor's law. >>> george zimmerman could be out of jail again. a judge ruling he could be released for a second time. it's going to cost him. >> reporter: george zimmerman can be released from jail again, but this time it's going to cost him $1 million. judge kenneth lester said the second bond amount is significantly higher over concerns he might be hiding money. he's charged with second degree murder. he was released on $150,000 bond in april. it was revoked last month when the judge said zimmerman and his wife misrepresented their finances at his bond hearing. in thursday's order, the judge wrote the defendant has tried to manipulate the system when he has been presented the opportunity to do so. zimmerman's attorney says defense costs have wiped out the money raised through the website. through his own blog, attorney mark omara a
street and lombard. stay with us for complete coverage of the water main break. we'll have the latest on the closures and the repairs. >>> we're following breaking news tonight out of montgomery county where investigators are on the scene of a deadly small plane crash. it went down just before reaching the runway. one person aboard was killed, another flown to the hospital in serious condition. the faa will look into the cause of the crash. >>> a grim mission is under way where a man disappeared while boating on the bush river. we talked to those who desperately tried to save him. we have more on the continuing search efforts. >> reporter: dive teams spent the day combing that river, but there is still no sign of that missing boater. cries for help coming from the water. when richard dixon heard them, he knew it was trouble. >> i knew it was a grave situation. >> reporter: he ran to a neighbor's house who had a kayak. that man paddled out to help two men flailing in the water. at the same time, two doors down, this man jumped in his boat and reached one of the swimmers. >> it was hard
online. stay with us for when severe storms hit and find the latest forecast any time. >>> rally for justice. friends and family of a baltimore county teen allegedly killed by an off duty police officer take their rage to the state attorney's office. 17-year-old christopher brown died during an altercation with an officer. labord was indicted on manslaughter charges. they're requesting the department of justice review the case. >> we believe there were sufficient facts to warrant second degree murder. the family wants accountability. the mother wants the justice system to work. >> the officer did not have to pay bail. he was resee leased on his own recog any sense. >>> requiring public pools to have a defiblator. it is named after 5-year-old connor the freid who died in 2006. it passed unanimously. >>> for michael phelps, 8 was great in 2008, but this year seven will be his lucky number. he's decided to swim one less event. he will not swim the 200-meter free style. his record of 8 gold medals in one olympics will stand. the swimming competition starts july 28th. >> i have a good
shooting in u.s. history makes a chilling court appearance looking disoriented as he comes face to face with the families of his alleged victims. teresa garcia has the latest from aurora, colorado. >> people versus james holmes. >> reporter: james holmes said nothing as he went before a colorado judge wearing a maroon inmate jump suit. >> you've commited the offense of first degree murder which is a class one felony under colorado law. >> reporter: the 24-year-old accused mass murder looked dazed and uninterested. also in the courtroom five members of victim's families incolliding ian sullivan father of 6-year-old moser sullivan the youngest the die. outside she spoke about his daughter who's in the hospital with her first baby, while her husband is in another room after being shot in their head. >> she needs to concentrate on her baby right now. everybody needs their prayers. >> reporter: they want to know how he was able to afford $14,000 worth of guns, armour and ammunition. holmes father flew to colorado sunday. >> their hearts go out to the victims and their families. yes they do.
and relieved that mom is back with us, safe and healthy. >> reporter: police say that there was no ran some demand made by that gunman. it's unclear if he even knew that the woman he kid nipped was vi ripkin. >> thank you, megan. our coverage continues with jessica gatallia. she has more on why she's loved by baseball fans. >> reporter: violet ripkin is no stranger to the spotlight. the mother of four children, fred, ellen, billy, and cal junior. >> what can i say at my mom? she's an unbelievable person. sheet she let memy dad lead the wayen at field, but she was there in every other way. >> reporter: seen here throwing out the first pitch, she's the may tree yark of one of baseball's most well-known families. one of her proudest moments was when baltimore's ire man cal ripkin broke lou gherig's streak. >> it doesn't sound very humble, but he really seems to cast her the world that night. >> reporter: vi lived in aberdine since her husband cal senior died in 1999. she hopes to never leave the area, backing a dark becoming a -- becoming a familiar face around the stadium. >> reporter: vi has
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